New Products
New Products
1.“Melting”is a new word at home, after the research of many years, we developed a new melting cementation technology of integrated forming, and achieved the international advanced level. We overcame the limitation of low technology content :degumming、leakage、low light measuring precision, etc.. Now it applies for the Daojin instrument、Hitachi instrument、Tianmei instrument.
The products which had been developed:“Melting”cementation standard cell、“Melting”cementation gradient cell、“Melting”cementation screw cell 、“Melting” fluorescence cell、“Melting”special sizes simple cell.

2.The company purchased all optical component processing apparatus of Shanghai Chengan Company in January 2007, have expand the energy of optical component processing, improved the processing accuracy of the optical components. We offer the complete products to domestic and international customers. The particulars are detailed in the optical component in product list.

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